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Azzura Photography is located at 4107 150th Ave SE in Bellevue, Washington. If you get lost or delayed, please call 425.746.0888.

Azzura Photography is available by appointment only. The Studio is in the home of Ken and Tania Shepard, so do not be surprised when you arrive at a residence. Please note that the building is actually tucked back from the road, so keep an eye out for the blue sandwich board that marks the top of the driveway. (If you aren't looking for that little blue sign, it's very easy to drive right by.)

  • From Seattle, take I-90 East to Exit 11a (150th Ave SE Exit).
  • Turn right onto 150th Ave SE.
  • Go through the stop light at 38th Street, and continue up the hill approximately .3 miles.
  • Look for a small blue sign that has our house number (4107) on it. The driveway is just before the white mailbox, and in between the two blue signs. Turn right onto the driveway, and follow the driveway down to the house. Please park in the area directly in front of the house and to your left.
  • We look forward to seeing you!

Connect with us anytime via phone at 425.746.0888 or email at